Oooooh look – a squirrel!!!

Some people find seem to find it simple to focus on God, they have quiet times and go on pray walks. When the list with 1 hour slots for a 24 hour prayer session goes up on the board you can guarantee you’ll find their name on there and probably for 2 slots in row at 4am in the morning, then they come back with beautiful tales of God’s awesomeness and the sun rise…….blaa de bla de blah!….well erm I’m not one of them!

Everything seems out to distract you

Hard as you might find it to believe (well maybe not if you read this blog enough) but I find God pretty hard to remember. In fact to be honest what with work, setting up for meetings, having meetings, packing up from meetings, DIY and sleeping I’m bad enough at remembering my family and friends who I can see let alone remembering someone who I can’t see and lets face it I rarely see much physical evidence of in this world.

Now I know faith is the evidence of things not seen and all that shenanigans. I’ve heard that since I was little boy and could understand that drawing on walls was not cool (sorry mum), but that doesn’t make it any easier to swallow. In today’s world we are more focussed than ever on immediate stimulation we are fed it from every angle, you wouldn’t believe how hard it is to get my daughter away from the telly to do some drawing instead or go on the trampoline.

Life is pretty hectic everyone wants your attention, the Tassimo machine makes “fresh” coffee so you don’t have to wait, Facebook and Twitter allow you interact with friends (or worse your family) without ever leaving your computer and actually speak them, the problem is that God has neither Facebook or Twitter and from what I can tell checks his email even less frequently than my wife!

God longs for a relationship and that takes time if like me (if I’m honest) you try to dip in and out of your relationship with God when you’ve got time then it doesn’t work, so like me you end up hoping the 24 hour prayer hours are all filled up by the time you get round to looking at the list because you don’t really want to sit there what feels like yourself for an hour.

Where does all this lead me? I think I’m coming to the conclusion that yes it can be hard to find time to meet with God when unlike everything else that surrounds you he’s not instantly there and on tap (well it doesn’t seem like it for me anyway), and it can be frustrating when unlike the physical world we are surrounded by he’s not really something you can touch or smell or audibly hear, but that’s an excuse rather a note to say we’ve gotta work at this one cos actually there isn’t anyone who understands us more than the person that made us.

If we are ready to put in the effort we’ll learn to hear and recognise the voice of the Shepherd and then who know maybe one day suddenly you’ll find that you’re one of those “people” on prayer walks, and lets face it we’re all pretty jealous of those people we just don’t want to admit it. We can all experience spiritual life but like any other kind of life you have plant the seeds, water and care for them for it to grow.

This months track is an expression of this battle we face on a daily basis

The Pigsty Studios Christmas No.1

Well that got your attention didn’t it. To be honest since we don’t worship the sun-god we don’t really do Christmas. I guess we should be realistic and accept we’re probably a bit late to beat the military wives offering, and given where the proceeds of that track are going I doubt we’d want to.

Obviously I’m sure you’ll agree and had we got this out a week ago we’d have had no problem in easily trumping the half a million sales that has had………..Ah well you can dream. Lets start that again – Hey folks the track of the month for December is out – enjoy!

Just want to say a big thanks to everyone that gave me their time on this track:

  • Stevo
  • Rich Parker
  • Simeon
  • Ali Ablaze
  • Johnny Matt
  • And my good lady wife

Strictly speaking we should wait till this is on the Jesus Army SoundCloud pages but its the holidays so this is my gift to you. So far everyone who’s heard this has loved it (which is a nice response), leave a comment below and let us know your thoughts.

[audio: |titles=He’s given us the spirit of the ruler] Feel free to download and keep the track.


I’m sure it’ll be up on Soundcloud in the new year at some point and we’ll update you then. Next month we stray bravely into the realms of Iona – I’m looking forward to it.

Fresh faith, New anointing

Well it’s finally here – the first studio production we’ve done for ages. There’s load of folks to thank and personally its been quite a journey of learning, to meet the team, download and listen to this track keep reading….

I guess first and foremost thanks again to Viv for answering my endless “how do you do this?” questions I couldn’t have done it without ya (and your consistent mockery)….and the moral of this story is that logic “slicing tool” is not always your friend.

We started a while back now with Criagy doing a morning session of drumming, and at the same time discovering that drumming is a young (or at least fitter) man’s game.

Several weeks later and after some great input by Rich and Johnny we were ready for vocals so thanks to Stevo for relentlessly shooting for singing a top A though at one point he did look about as happy as a penguin in a microwave never the less we got there in the end.

Thanks to Jimmy for his regular input and listening over and over again – it so nice to have people to bounce off of……we never did get that double kick in did we

So….here goes…[audio:|titles=Fresh Faith, New Anointing] if you want a higher quality mp3 you can download Fresh Faith, New Anointing here