In need of a saviour

For those of you who have not watched any of the recent series of Dr Who of the last few years then the homepage introduction to septembers track will have been lost on you but never mind thanks to the mis-information provided by Wikipedia you can always brush up. So this last month really was quite a scary time for us in the studio and before you go listening to the track I do think I should tell you the story of how it all came about…. So there we were 24 channels later¬†after hours of setting up the studio having your average wednesday night recording session. Typically scheduled to start at 8pm we finally rolled into action some time after 9pm, although secretly I was rather relieved as I’d only just get everything working and even then a certain young bass players headphones still weren’t working quite right, but I thought that would do him some good some how ūüôā We’d got a few takes down pretty cleanly and a fairly sensible what could probably be classed as “new metal” track was coming along: [audio:http://|titles=In need of a saviour – studio version] As you can hear all bar some clothing hitches it was going fine……and that when it happened, what happened?¬†you say – THE DALEKS CAME! – That’s what happened. Oh my life I’ve never been so scared, fortunately most of us managed to get away but there really was nothing we could do to protect poor Jonny Haynes. They swooped in lights flashing and their mono-tone voices barking towards him. One minute he was there and the next thing we knew both him and his little white laptop vanished.¬†As I say where is the psychic paper when you need it – no-one really knows how to contact The Doctor but we all know the Daleks fear him and somehow he knows when you need him so clinging to that hope we packed up and went home trusting that somehow, some day we’d hear from our good friend again. Only a few days laters however¬†several¬†of us got an odd call on our phones which I managed to save: [audio:http://|titles=The Daleks attack Jonny] Whilst we were glad to hear that he was still alive and with us in this world clearly he was in some pain, I mean you can hear the Daleks in the background whooping and screeching. However obviously he was doing his best to block the torture out by¬†continuing¬†to work on the track, you have to admire the tenacity of the man! With this in mind you can imagine how pleased and relieved I was when I walked into the studio the following week to find Jonny sat in the control room. No-one really knows how he got back, whether he escaped or The Doctor came to his aid and he doesn’t seem to want to talk about it yet so we’ve not asked to many questions , we’re just glad to have him with us again alive and well (have you noticed that his hand seems to be better now – its amazing what these aliens can do). Unfortunately it seemed that he needed to work out some of the anguish of his capture through this months track. We tried to stop him but it was clearly something he felt he needed to do. He calls this music “dub and step” or something like that – I’m guessing maybe that was the names of two of his captors, ¬†as I’ve said he doesn’t seem to like to talk about it but you can quite clearly hear two different ¬†voices through-out the track however I must confess I can’t really work out which one is Dub and which one is Step. I’ve done some research and from what I can tell this is clearly something that’s happened to other people. This poor fella even seems to have taken a Dalek name, lets hope he gets well again soon. So do bear these people on your minds and as you go about your daily lives and be¬†grateful¬†for what you have. Now that you know what happened I think you are ready to hear the track: [HTML1]

DISCLAIMER: The content of this blog entry in no-way represents the true opinion of the Pigsty studio engineer who would like to publicly admit that to his country rock shame he found himself in appropriately nodding his head to the beat during the creation of this track and even singing the chorus when he got home. He would also like to acknowledge the vast proportion/majority of the production work done by others on this track and would like to congratulate them on/thank them for that and apologise for any apparent grumpiness during the process.

As you might have noticed I’m as little devoid of great spiritual inspiration right now and mainly consumed by rather¬†ridiculous¬†humour, but then if I was always full of spiritual inspiration I wouldn’t need a saviour would I? I guess thats the point really! P.S. When I get a video of the drama that featured with this song at our recent Sheffield event I’ll put it up for you here.

Late night left overs….

Maybe its because I was working on this whilst trying to setup, look after, and derig a band practice or that I ended up leaving studio at 2 in the morning after dismantling it for our upcoming bank holiday festival I dunno but for some reason I have little to say about this months track.

To be honest it makes me a bit sad really – The song was written (so I’m told) by a great young lad that had an¬†incredible healing¬†and yet despite this he’s currently not around with us at the moment.

A friend recently asked me why God healed some people and not others. I had no answer to his specific question but what I could say is this. We often want God to heal people in a way (perhaps¬†subconsciously) to prove himself to us, and we wrap this up with great promises to ourselves or Him that when he does we’ll do all the stuff we know we’re supposed to do as Christians……but God knows…

He knows¬†that’s¬†gibberish and if we flip it around that actually we’re just looking for some reason, some thing to get us off the hook, He knows that no matter how much he proves himself that our following him is about love for Him and about a really change in our hearts, no healing, no¬†miraculous situation will change that. As human beings we’re fickle and we (our minds) forget. Hearts don’t forget but hearts don’t need proof – minds do.

The most import thing is not that God proves himself to us, but that we learn to trust (easier said than done eh! – and if you figure this out then please sit me down and explain how!)

Well as usual for someone that said he had nothing to say I’ve said a lot so here’s the track. Thanks to all those that helped me with the track – I wish I could claim credit for it but to be honest so much of the work was really done by others. We’ve had an amazing response to the vocals in this track so thanks to everyone that’s said nice things


Interestingly I’ve noticed that songs with girls singing get way more downloads….lets see if this continues said trend!

Does anyone actually want live worship?

For many years as a church we ONLY produced “live” tracks. Everything that came out the studio was basically taken from one or other of the many events we do, given a lick of paint and sent on it’s merry way to a CD…..cue various comments from our muso’s about silk purses and pigs ears or polishing certain stuff (though Mythbuster’s have dispproved said myth)….that said it is often a fair point. Maybe I just speak for myself but when us¬†amateurs are not paying fine attention to the details of the song and our playing we’re often not that great. So this begs the question in a world where everyone is listening to polished, tidy and click track tight music does the¬†traditional¬†live Christian worship recording have place?

This months song (albeit now out for a couple of weeks) was a real¬†quandary¬†to me. I like the song, and I wanted to do it justice. That means I’m gonna do what I think is right with it. I don’t really like recorded worship and generally I just don’t listen to it. I don’t mind watching it on the God channel for a bit (shhhh don’t tell our leaders – they don’t seem like the God channel) but in a pure listening environment I’ll skip to the next track thanks……so surely I get the boys into the studio to record it?

But here’s the rub, when I listened to the live recording of this track it was good…..oh finkle dinkle! Not musically particularly good – sure, there was some nice bits but with all the normal flaws like out of time playing, some dodgy singing and a random person in the congregation clapping out of time (fortunately we appear to have shot anyone holding a¬†tambourine¬†so there was¬†none¬†of that). Ok maybe I was there at the time so I remember the moment but even listening to this in the studio I felt there was a real atmosphere about the recording that I couldn’t replicate in the studio.

So whilst I might manage to get it note perfect, in time and add some interesting sparkle, maybe some clever vocal harmonies etc etc. I’m not convinced the singer would sing with such passion and emotion as he did on the day and despite the odd clapping man in the ambient mics I would certainly never have managed¬†to replicate what congregation singing gave the song……So I took the¬†plunge.

Here is probably the first real “live” recording since I started here in the studio some 18 months ago, and my conclusion on live worship music…..well I still don’t really like it that much and I doubt I’ll make a habit of this unforced. It might not be musically perfect, the bass player is bumbling away to himself (probably texting!) at the start and the piano player gets a bit excited at one point and forgets about the drummer , but in this situation I’m not sure that matters – you can’t deny (well I don’t think you can anyway) that it carries something a studio recording never can.