The Pigsty Studios Christmas No.1

Well that got your attention didn’t it. To be honest since we don’t worship the sun-god we don’t really do Christmas. I guess we should be realistic and accept we’re probably a bit late to beat the military wives offering, and given where the proceeds of that track are going I doubt we’d want to.

Obviously I’m sure you’ll agree and had we got this out a week ago we’d have had no problem in easily trumping the half a million sales that has had………..Ah well you can dream. Lets start that again – Hey folks the track of the month for December is out – enjoy!

Just want to say a big thanks to everyone that gave me their time on this track:

  • Stevo
  • Rich Parker
  • Simeon
  • Ali Ablaze
  • Johnny Matt
  • And my good lady wife

Strictly speaking we should wait till this is on the Jesus Army SoundCloud pages but its the holidays so this is my gift to you. So far everyone who’s heard this has loved it (which is a nice response), leave a comment below and let us know your thoughts.

[audio: |titles=He’s given us the spirit of the ruler] Feel free to download and keep the track.


I’m sure it’ll be up on Soundcloud in the new year at some point and we’ll update you then. Next month we stray bravely into the realms of Iona – I’m looking forward to it.

Abington Street Northampon – consider yourself flashed!

So did you… “get up on your feet and dance?”

The latest track from the pigsty hit the Northampton town centre Christmas shopper with a bang this weekend with a Jesus Army flashmob – watch the video to find out what happens

[jwplayer config=”Custom Player” mediaid=”539″]

We would like to offer our condolences to Danny Morris and Laura Baker who both had aching legs on Sunday. Well done to all those that made it happen….. personally I was eating lots of food at a wedding 🙂

Download Get up, Get Down here for free

Where has all the (real) worship gone?

Where has all the worship gone? Long time passing
Where has all the worship gone? Long time ago
Where has all the worship gone? Has apathy got hold of us – everyone?
When will they ever learn? When will they ever learn? …..there’s no music with this post just stuff that troubled me….

Ok, so I’ve changed the lyrics of an old song rather than come up with a decent summary for this post but this weekend whilst for once not playing and being in the congregation (I always want to say audience at this point but perhaps that is demonstrative, there’s a long word for a monday morning, of what I’m about to say) I found myself feeling troubled.

You may remember some time ago I wrote a post about worship leading and gave a load of useful tips, well this Sunday to be honest most that was going on and the worship leader was doing all the right things, but two things occurred, well actually one thing occurred and another didn’t!

The thing that occurred was I found myself feeling a little bit performed at and slightly sickened. I don’t for a minute suggest that the worship leading was disingenuous or faked at all absolutely not, perhaps it because it’s because of my post and the fact I sometimes lead worship myself but it did bring home to me that worship must must must MUST be a thing of the heart because if you’re not careful you can probably do all the right things but people will smell it coming, and actually I think that’s a good analogy, we sing about our worship being a fragrance to God but I suspect often when we’re just mumbling along with our heart not really in it wondering what time dinner is, it is a fragrance but one of those nasty cheep replica ones that you can buy of the market that just frankly stink (to high heaven).

But the thing that didn’t happen was any real spontaneous worship, and that troubled me – what’s happened to us, strictly speaking we shouldn’t be crying out with worship to God with gratitude, awe and and and and….yet there we were with the lights turned down and music playing and the worship leader doing his bit and yet when he stopped we stopped, almost like we had nothing further to say…..I smell religion coming and I don’t like it.

Last week while playing, at one point during what was I thought a particularly good worship song I looked up from the stage I realised I couldn’t see anyone because all the lights were down, so I had no idea how people were actually responding to the song, it was bit off-putting (I’m not even the singer/worship leader). So this week I mentioned it to our lighting team, I know they’ve got lots of people to please but I thought I’d add my pennyworth anyway. The response I got worried me even more though: They said “Yer the thing is if we don’t turn the lights down people don’t worship” …..REEEEEALLY!???? Man I do hope that’s not true, sadly though I strongly suspect there is some truth in that statement.

So today my plea to you if I know you, if I don’t know, if you’re part of our church, if you’re not part of our church is that you shed the shackles of religion that are creeping up on us. The charismatic movement that we are part of is a great place to be but let keep the “charisma” in the charismatic. I don’t wanna find myself in 20 years time in a place where I or my fellow church members can’t worship unless there is screaming guitars (and that’s coming from a guitarist) and flashing lights because at that point it’s not charismatic its just religious form, it’s just our equivalent of waving an incense burner around the place.

Lets raise the roof, lets worship so hard and so deep that the program is scrapped, that songs (or even better the “internet spot”) are cut from the running order, its down to us!