An Introduction to the Jesus Army video

The Jesus Army recently had a website redesign, which gave it a fresh and vibrant look. As video is a great way to communicate we created a short informative video to help people that come across our website and know nothing about our church discover who we are.

The music track above was a remix of an old classic – “Come and See Jesus Brotherhood”, and was created in Ableton. Each of the 5 sections had their own animated title and you can see them in the video below:
[responsive_vimeo ]

A still from video recorded on a Canon 5D Mk II with F1.2 50mm lens, at ACC 2012.

A still from video recorded on a DSLR (Canon 5D Mk II) with F1.2 50mm lens, at ACC 2012.

Teamwork was an essential part of making this vid – Nathan, Johnny, and Chris were involved in the music and recording, James wrote the voice-over for Jake to read, Aidan animated the website sections, Gideon turned pictures into moving works of art, Viv captured a dancing crowd for the youth section, and I simply pieced it together. I always enjoy working with people and playing to their strengths, as it makes for a great final product.