Watercolours From My Wanderings (part 3 of 3)

Hello it’s Ian Bird again.

Welcome to the grand finalĂ© of a triplicate of posts showing off my delectable prowess with watercolour paints. Feel free to browse part one’s watercolours and part two’s watercolours in a similar state of raptured bliss.

Yours truly, Ian.

Watercolours From My Wanderings (part 2 of 3)

Hello, it’s Ian Bird again with part two of three posts featuring a selection of my sonorously delicious watercolour paintings. See part one of this series here.

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Watercolours From My Wanderings (part 1 of 3)

Hello, I’m Ian Bird. Pleased to meet you too.

Over the years I’ve enjoyed every casual and all too rare opportunity to paint with watercolour paints. It’s just a nice feeling- sploshing around colour and light in a fluid fashion.

I guess my art has two main themes- architecture and the great outdoors, springing from my career in Architecture and days spent gamboling about on the moors.

This is the first of three posts that will feature my watercolours. I do hope you enjoy them.

UPDATE: see part two and part three of this series of paintings.

Keep your eyes peeled (a strange and worrying saying which I do not wish you to take literally) for parts two and three.