Who are we?

God isn't bland, the Church shouldn't be either.


This blog is where the Jesus Fellowship goes to share the great, good and nearly good creative ramblings of a 24/7 community church, and occasionally some inspiring stuff made by others. We’re here to share ideas with the rest of the world and to inspire ourselves to express stuff, to be creative.

The Jesus Fellowship is a UK charismatic Church numbering around 2,500 members, about 550 of whom live as the New Creation Christian Community in 70 or so houses around the UK. Each community house consists of anything between four and fourty people, who live as a large family. We’re also particularly active with many in need, including homeless young people, prisoners and ex-prisoners and those involved in alcohol and drug abuse.

You can join in the fun on Facebook or Twitter to be in on anything we find from other churches or groups that inspire us.

We hope you find this blog to be a Smörgåsbord of creative vibrancy.


JA Creatives


If you’d like to use anything you find on this site then feel free, although please mention this blog as the source and include a link to colourfulchurch.org.uk if that use is online. All media is available under an Attribution licence unless otherwise stated.


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