Colourful Church Parable Writing Contest



The Colourful Church blog has been going for a while and has played host to loads of great and nearly great artwork from many artists of many kinds; we’ve been joined by painters, film makers, musicians, dramatists, slam artists, stage riggers, cake decorators and many more. It really has been a Smörgåsbord of creative vibrancy.

What we don’t see much of is writing. As a church we churn out a lot of the factual writing stuff- people’s stories and reports of our adventures. While that’s cool I can’t help think we’re missing a trick.

You see, Jesus seemed to spend a lot of his time telling parables. He used these little imaginative and sometimes subversive stories to illustrate his kingdom, to paint a picture of the God he knew (he had inside information) and wanted us to know:

A trecherous son disappears and spanks his father’s money, only for his father to throw a party in his honour when he crawls back sorrowfully…
A vineyard owner has trouble with his servants…
A convict is forgiven a huge debt but soon forgets…
An enemy proves to be a trusty and generous friend…

Jesus blew away the religious cobwebs that clung to people’s ideas of who the Father is, what He wanted and the part we have to play in it all. Jesus was a master storyteller and showed that parables can be powerful.

Today I’m announcing a parable writing contest on this blog. What do you think? Would you be up for writing and entering a short parable for it? You don’t have to be anything special- this is for anyone who has any idea for a story with a message, big or small.

Feel free to follow any inspiration you have but if you’re stuck here are a few suggestions:

Laying down life to bring life
Taking risks/trusting
The meaning of love
Pioneering on your doorstep
The childlike heart
A God who weeps
Spiritual blindness
Contrasts (e.g- apparently poor people prove to be rich, small people prove to be big, clever people prove to be stupid etc)

Please post any questions or final submissions using the form at the bottom of this post or email them to me at aidanashby @ If we get only a few submissions the winner will receive a prize but if we get many the top three will each receive a prize (clue- it’ll be some custom artwork, and maybe a free book. Stay tuned on Facebook or Twitter for when we announce the official prize, only deliverable in the UK). We’ll post a selection of the best parables to this blog.

The deadline is Sunday 20th October.

Please keep it between 100 and 500 words. You can submit as many entries as you like.

Also, if you know of anyone else who may be interested please share this contest with them.

Thanks and God bless,


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