From River with Love

The title of this post is a play on words with “From Russia with love”, for reasons I have absolutely no idea, other than the painting is of a place called River Farmhouse – a community house in Northamptonshire.

River Farmhouse watercolour painting

River Farmhouse watercolour painting

This watercolour painting was a gift to the people that lived at “River Farmhouse”, located on the A5 near Nether Heyford. It took 6 months to paint and was my first serious go at painting a building.
I was pleased with the end result (though once again the perfectionist in me can spot more faults than in San Andreas, California). In my opinion the mount colour is also too light, and takes attention away from the picture itself. Anyway, I’ve now discovered that for best advice on choosing mounts go to The Framing Centre where they will work with you to get the right one. The frame was made by Good Timber.

The painting takes shape (in the worlds tidiest office...)

The painting takes shape (in the worlds tidiest office…)

I haven’t been able to crack getting good light yet – as you can see from the picture above it was a little dark and dingy, which meant considerable colour differences between painting at night and then during the daytime. Best advice is to leave your job and paint during the day 🙂


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