More flash mobs…yes please

Due to some rather hectic work commitments I completely and miserably failed to publish something on here last month for track of the month (for which I apologise to everyone that put hard work in) but it was done, launched and downloaded by many… fact quite a lot – we broke all the records.We launched February’s track early in the month as it tied in with our church event in Birmingham mid month, actually it was a track of many firsts:

  • First track I’ve recorded in the studio in a proper band based session
  • First track we’ve launched in relation to an event
  • The first track to have nothing in the title that relates to any of the lyrics
  • First track that half killed me…..many candles were burnt at both ends
  • First track that reached the (now removed) download limit of 100 on Soundcloud

So generally it went pretty well. “Shake it down” was written as a follow up to “Get up, Get Down”  back in December  for folks to use for Flashmob based evangelism (did you do one? – send us the video and we’ll post it up)  and it too also had a “dance” I don’t have the dance but I do have the track, enjoy:

in case you’ve not managed to get this track yet then do download it.

Right on to the next post…..I know 2 posts in one month!!

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