Church is not a church

Sometimes when you sit down to do a track you really don’t have a clue where you want it go, well maybe that doesn’t happen to you but it does to me. Fortunately for me this track was not one of those. This months track is about the Church (yes for all you English teachers I did mean to give that a capital C, tho now I write this I’m not sure its correct) – Anyway as usual, I digress! Where was I…..?

For many people these days church is a place, it’s a cold place that you go to when your mate gets married, christened or dies….actually come to think of it if your mate is getting christened you’ve probably been “taken there” rather than went of your own choice. I’m not knocking churches – I recently went to what gives the impression of being a fairly traditional church in Northampton for a wedding and it was pretty good, it just that church has a bit of bad rap.

The thing is people often see formality, religion and perhaps duty but it was never supposed to be that – Church was supposed be about the people, in fact Church IS the people not the building (there’s a song title in there somewhere) and somewhere along the line its got a bit dry and disconnected. The, shall we say, “established” church is often not a church “of” the people but rather a a church “for” people (sorry I realise that’s a lot of quotation marks in one sentence!). And that’s the thing; once church is not something that’s part of you, a thing that matters dearly to you, and that you’re grateful for you stop being Church and start attending church.

So as I said at the start of this post with this in mind as I sat down to commit this song to tape (or for the pedantic amongst you – to hard disk) I knew I wanted to create a track with atmosphere, something that gave you time to think and perhaps find a really appreciation again for being and being part of Church.

The track is of course “Beautiful Church” and I think it’s a song that speaks of real gratitude and appreciate for what the Church of Jesus can be when it manages to be something of what God intends.In many I ways I feel a bit like that end the result of this track is sums this up pretty well – it’s not perfect, there are mistakes and I’m sure it could be better but it carries the essence and feel I wanted, in much the same way we’re only human and we’ll never get it 100% right but as long as its something that is close to our hearts,we give it the best we can and it matters to us enough that we try to see past the foibles that us humans give it then we stand a chance of make it what it should be…..or at least it’ll have the right essence and feel 🙂

[audio:|titles=Beautiful Church]  Download the full quality version of beautiful church


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