The Pigsty Studios Christmas No.1

Well that got your attention didn’t it. To be honest since we don’t worship the sun-god we don’t really do Christmas. I guess we should be realistic and accept we’re probably a bit late to beat the military wives offering, and given where the proceeds of that track are going I doubt we’d want to.

Obviously I’m sure you’ll agree and had we got this out a week ago we’d have had no problem in easily trumping the half a million sales that has had………..Ah well you can dream. Lets start that again – Hey folks the track of the month for December is out – enjoy!

Just want to say a big thanks to everyone that gave me their time on this track:

  • Stevo
  • Rich Parker
  • Simeon
  • Ali Ablaze
  • Johnny Matt
  • And my good lady wife

Strictly speaking we should wait till this is on the Jesus Army SoundCloud pages but its the holidays so this is my gift to you. So far everyone who’s heard this has loved it (which is a nice response), leave a comment below and let us know your thoughts.

[audio: |titles=He’s given us the spirit of the ruler] Feel free to download and keep the track.


I’m sure it’ll be up on Soundcloud in the new year at some point and we’ll update you then. Next month we stray bravely into the realms of Iona – I’m looking forward to it.

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